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Culinary Arts Academy


Indulge your passion for the culinary arts in our vocational college's exquisite culinary program. Prepare to embark on a delectable journey where flavors, techniques, and creativity harmonize to create culinary masterpieces. From the art of knife skills to the intricacies of pastry-making, our program offers hands-on training, expert guidance, and a platform to unleash your culinary prowess. Immerse yourself in a vibrant culinary community, collaborate with talented chefs, and ignite your creativity in state-of-the-art kitchens. Unleash your inner gastronomic genius and turn your love for food into a thrilling culinary career. Join us in our culinary program and let your culinary dreams take center stage.


Culinary Arts Academy offers the following programmes:

  • Vocational Foundation Certificates in Culinary Arts and Pastry (1 Year)

  • LaXenia Bachelor of Culinary Arts (3 Years)


1. Minimum 16 years

2. No Academic Qualification Needed

3. Progression student need to provide previous academic transcript*

Culinary Arts Academy offers the following programmes:

Level 3 LAPT Vocational Certificates in Culinary Arts and Pastry (1 Year)

The duration of this programme is one year, and this certification is internationally recognised through the London Academy of Professional Training. This programme is conducted face-to-face at the Cookhouse, which has state-of-the-art kitchen facilities. Chefs from various hotel industries are ready to provide the latest culinary and patisserie knowledge and expertise, both at local and international standards.

LaXenia Bachelor of Culinary Arts (3 Years)

The Bachelor programmes are much sought after by all hotel industries, local and international. Students are given the opportunity to travel abroad to do an internship with international hotels for six months with the prospect of job employability. This 3-years programme is conducted online as it is vital for students to gain knowledge and hands-on skills while doing industrial practise. The degree is awarded by the LaXenia International Institute of Switzerland.


Hands-on LEARNING SKILLS based on tasks include:

  • Safety and sanitation

  • Kitchen equipment identification and use

  • Knife skills and cutlery

  • Using standardised recipes

  • Cooking methods

  • Introduction to baking

  • Working in a restaurant

  • Industrial chef series

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